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Tuesday, 30 June 2015


1. Leave no stones unturned in your preparations. Make sure you have an adequate coverage of the syllabus. There is no short cut to success. You can prepare with approved learning providers such as BPP and kaplan. www.opentuition.com can also complement your studies. You can watch free lectures and download free resources there.

2. Make proper use of your reading time. Decide the order you want to write the exam within this period

3. Make sure you do not forget anything at home. Make sure you have valid IDs and your docket as well as your black pen. Forgetting anything at home will defintely distabilise you.

4. Attempt every question. Allocate your time wisely.

5. Read the requirements of each question carefully. ACCA exams could be tricky!

6. Do not spend too much time on one figure. It might be worth just 1 or 2 marks. Doing so will make you neglect questions that are worth more

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